Promiscuous Listening, Episode 3 Resources


  • Soteriology: doctrine of salvation
  • Arminianism: Check out the entry by Thomas Talbott on “Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought” (2021) in the open-access Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • “Paradise of Fools”: This phrase appears in Paradise Lost 3.496 but may refer to part or all of the passage 3.440-497.

Selection of Dr. Murgia’s scholarship:

  • “Either in Prose or Rhyme: Translating Milton in(to) Latin America.” Milton in Translation, edited by Angelica Duran, Islam Issa, and Jonathan R. Olson. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2017. 279-292.
  • “Gerard Manley Hopkins, or the Poem as (Baroque) Prayer.” Hopkins Quarterly (2011): 113-131.
  • Global Milton and Visual Art, edited by Angelica Duran and Mario Murgia, Lexington Books (2021). 
  • “Milton in Revolutionary Hispanoamerica.” Milton Studies 58 (2017): 203-222.
  • (In Spanish) Versos escritos en agua: la influencia de Paradise Lost en Byron, Keats y Shelley, FFyL, UNAM (2018). 
  • (In Spanish) El mundo perdone, Aliosventos (2017). 
  • (in Spanish translation) Milton, John, and Francisco Granados Maldonado, El paraíso perdido, Imprenta de Ignacio Cumplido, Mexico, 1858.

Learn more about Dr. Murgia’s publications! Check out his author page at MadHat Press.

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