Promiscuous Listening: A John Milton Podcast

Title page of John Milton's Areopagitica, published London, 1644. Wikipedia Commons.

In his 1644 Areopagitica, seventeenth-century English polemicist and poet John Milton writes in favor of “the benefit which may be had of books promiscuously read.” Milton advocates “reading all manner of tractats” as part of a thorough education. Learning is a matter of exploring the full range of knowledge, Milton explains. And this trial of good and evil is afforded not only by books but also by art, architecture, music, and “hearing all manner of reason.”

Promiscuous Listening: A John Milton Podcast puts Milton’s theory of knowledge into practice by bringing a diversity of voices in 21st-century Milton studies into “promiscuous convers[ation].” Dr. Marissa Greenberg (The University of New Mexico) talks to experts with various backgrounds and interests about Milton’s Paradise Lost. Each episode covers foundational information, introduces close readings, and shares current research to engage you in in-depth exploration of this moving and influential work of literature.

Scroll down to listen online or download episodes and to find additional resources.

An open-access, scholarly edition of Paradise Lost may be read on Dartmouth College’s The John Milton Reading Room.

Season 1 (2021)

Episode 1 with Dr. Reginald A. Wilburn

Episode 1: Link | Resources | Transcript

Episode 2 with Dr. Amrita Dhar

Episode 2: Link | Resources |Transcript

Episode 3 with Dr. Mario Murgia

Episode 3: Link | Resources | Transcript

Episode 4 with Dr. Ari Friedlander

Episode 4: Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 5 with Dr. Philippa Earle

Episode 5: Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 6 with Dr. Paul M. Bardunias

Episode 6: Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 7 with Dr. Angelica Duran

Episode 7: Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 8 with Dr. Mary Grace Elliott

Episode 8: Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 9 with Dr. Debapriya Sarkar

Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 10 with Dr. Lara Dodds

Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

Episode 11 with Dr. Rachel Trubowitz

Link | Resources | Transcript (forthcoming)

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