Since 2016 I’ve been teaching exclusively online. As an associate professor with tenure, I have designed a variety of fully asynchronous undergraduate and hybrid courses on early modern literary studies. Online course design and online instruction pose both challenges and opportunities. I am committed to creating excellent online courses that tackle these challenges head-on and embrace these opportunities, with the ultimate aim of developing pedagogies that will benefit my students, my colleagues, and, by disseminating these pedagogies, students and faculty at other institutions.

A primary challenge to online pedagogy is resistance among students and faculty. Some students enroll in an online course on the misguided assumption that it will be easier, and some faculty continue to view online teaching as “lesser than” face-to-face teaching. Yet the online environment offers exciting opportunities to engage students in meaningful learning, and skeptical faculty are beginning to recognize the time and skill required to conceive, develop, and implement these opportunities. 

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