Podcast Pedagogy (Take 2)

Adding podcasts to our classes is not a panacea for the challenges that face teachers and students today. However, podcasts can ground a pedagogy that redresses some of the problems forestalling non-traditional and minority students’ success and well-being.

Marissa Greenberg, “Podcast Pedagogy,” The Sundial, 12 January 2021.

Looking for innovative teaching strategies that enhance accessibility and diversity and foster social justice in your online classrooms? Check out my essay on “Podcast Pedagogy” in The Sundial, available in text and audio formats.

By sharing this pedagogy’s theoretical underpinnings and some of its methods, I hope to add to the wealth of resources for teaching premodern literature for social justice now available …

You may also download “Podcast Pedagogy” on Spotify and most anywhere that quality podcasts may be found.

Podcast pedagogy is a rich and relatively new area. What topics would you like to see me cover? Email me at marissag@unm.edu.

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