From Endurance to Excellence

So you survived your first semester of remote instruction. Now you want not simply to endure but to excel as an online teacher. How do you begin? Like previous posts, this one began with request from a colleague. They teach at another university and in a STEM discipline, but their goals are identical to thoseContinue reading “From Endurance to Excellence”

Podcast Pedagogy (Take 2)

Adding podcasts to our classes is not a panacea for the challenges that face teachers and students today. However, podcasts can ground a pedagogy that redresses some of the problems forestalling non-traditional and minority students’ success and well-being. Marissa Greenberg, “Podcast Pedagogy,” The Sundial, 12 January 2021. Looking for innovative teaching strategies that enhance accessibilityContinue reading “Podcast Pedagogy (Take 2)”

Yoga’s Lessons for Online Teachers (Whatever They Teach)

Joining a yoga class for the first time can be daunting. Rules and expectations vary: some gyms and studios require students to sign up in advance, while others allow drop-ins; some instructors discourage students from talking during class, while others encourage students to interact and to ask questions. Styles of yoga also differ: even experiencedContinue reading “Yoga’s Lessons for Online Teachers (Whatever They Teach)”

Recent Teaching Recognitions and Honors

I am thrilled that my teaching, in online and brick-and-mortar environments, has received recognitions and honor at and beyond my institution: 2020 Online Teacher of the Year 2019-2020, Center for Teaching and Learning, The University of New Mexico 2020 Online course certification for ENGL352: Early Shakespeare: Race & Identity, Then & Now, from UNM’s ExtendedContinue reading “Recent Teaching Recognitions and Honors”

Pre-Semester Checklist; or, Proper Operating Procedure, 2020

Faculty Development webinar offered through the University of New Mexico, Center for Teaching and Learning, August 13, 2020. Whether your fall semester is looming or it has just begun, you can take steps to create a better experience for you and your students. Regardless of your experience teaching online and your discipline, this webinar offersContinue reading “Pre-Semester Checklist; or, Proper Operating Procedure, 2020”

Rethinking Productivity during COVID-19

[U]pheavals to our regular rhythms provide opportunities to combat the long-standing inequities that the crisis has brought into sharp relief and must prompt us to rethink our shared definition of productivity.  Marissa Greenberg and Elizabeth Williamson, “Rethinking Productivity during COVID-19,” Academic Leader, July 6, 2020. Now is the time to redefine productivity to includeContinue reading “Rethinking Productivity during COVID-19”

Structuring Online Learning: Starter Set

This week I am hosting a webinar for my colleagues at The University of New Mexico on transitioning to remote teaching. Here is a version of my PowerPoint that I hope will prove helpful to faculty at other institutions, as well. I removed some course materials that I gave as examples, but I am happyContinue reading “Structuring Online Learning: Starter Set”

Resources for Moving Online

Many faculty are being asked or required to move their courses online during the coronavirus outbreak. The following list of resources for transitioning courses from brick-and-mortar classrooms to virtual learning environments is designed to help faculty make that move. It is a work in progress, and resources will be added as they come to myContinue reading “Resources for Moving Online”

It’s Not Just for Emergencies

In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, I published an op-ed in Inside Higher ED. The piece, titled “What counts as proximity?,” talks about the future of online telework. “In telling my story,” I write, I hope to provide other faculty members with leverage for conversations about expanding options for working remotely. I alsoContinue reading “It’s Not Just for Emergencies”