Staying Healthy While Teaching Online

Spread of the coronavirus has led some U.S. universities with overseas campuses to move classes to online. Rather than cancel study abroad programs, the shift to online helps to keep faculty, staff, and students safe while continuing to provide employment and education. The move to full-time online teaching poses other health risks, however. These healthContinue reading “Staying Healthy While Teaching Online”

5 Principles Toward Social Justice Pedagogy

The plenary panel at this year’s Shakespeare Association of America Annual Conference is titled “Walking the Talk: Embodied Pedagogies of Social Justice.” I have the dual honor of organizing the panel and co-presenting a paper, “Of Alliances and Pluralities,” with Elizabeth Williamson, Dean of Faculty Hiring and Development and Tenured Member of the Faculty atContinue reading “5 Principles Toward Social Justice Pedagogy”

Some basics for talking about racist and gendered texts in the online classroom

Once again, an inquiry from a colleague spurred my thinking about basics of online instruction. This time the colleague asked about how I prepare students for racist and gendered language in literature. It is pretty much a guarantee that students will encounter prejudicial — even hateful — language, imagery, and action in my classes! AfterContinue reading “Some basics for talking about racist and gendered texts in the online classroom”

Some basics for success in the online learning environment

The transition from face-to-face (F2F) to online teaching can be challenging! In addition to the expected challenges, like finding and creating dynamic content, instructors new to online teaching encounter unexpected challenges in the mundane: managing communication, getting regular participation, and generating productive discussion. A colleague wrote to me recently about these everyday issues. Here’s myContinue reading “Some basics for success in the online learning environment”