Rethinking Productivity during COVID-19

[U]pheavals to our regular rhythms provide opportunities to combat the long-standing inequities that the crisis has brought into sharp relief and must prompt us to rethink our shared definition of productivity. 

Marissa Greenberg and Elizabeth Williamson, “Rethinking Productivity during COVID-19,” Academic Leader, July 6, 2020.

Now is the time to redefine productivity to include not only research and publications but also teaching, care work, and faculty development. This change in thinking about what we mean by “productivity” must take place within each of us who has been acculturated to devalue many forms of academic labor. It must also take place at our institutions that decide how to make academic labor (into) matter in the forms of benchmark reviews, leadership positions, and financial compensation.

For a PDF of my and Elizabeth’s article, click below:

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